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Welcome to the Hubbard Genesis Corporation Cloud Storage Extranet – Authorized Personnel Only

This site was created for authorized Hubbard Genesis Corporation (HGC) employees to manage and share files via the HGC Cloud Storage Extranet. Users must have the proper authority to use this site. if you have any questions, contact the HGC IT department or your Department Manager.

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The Hubbard Genesis Corporation Cloud Storage Extranet site is managed by Hubbard Technology, the computer science division of Hubbard Genesis Corporation, A South Dakota Technology Company headquartered in Rapid City, SD.

HGC has been in business since 2004 and a South Dakota corporation since 2008. HGC provides products and services via our three corporate Divisions: Computer Science, Property Management, and Entertainment Production.

If you would like to learn more about HGC you can visit our Hubbard International site which has a link to all of the HGC web properties.

Currently HGC does not provide client access to our Extranet. You can visit our mane Hubbard Genesis site to learn more about client access to projects. Contact your sales representative to learn about access to our client shared files.

All HGC sites use SSL certificates for user security. We never share information with third parties for any reason. All HGC data is considered proprietary. We will never share information gathered from any of our sites to outside entities.

To learn more about Hubbard Genesis Corporation, visit our main site.